An In-Depth Look at Louisville’s Lucrative adidas Deal; 4th Highest Paid Nationally

Posted on Feb 24 2015 - 9:05pm by Ethan Moore


UofL announced last April that it would re-sign with adidas for another five years.  However, the complete details of the deal weren’t made public until recently.  According to the Portland Business Journal, UofL’s 5 year-$35 million extension is the 4th largest nationally in terms of payout in college apparel deals.  Here are the highlights of Louisville’s lucrative deal:

*$1.5 million in cash annually in return for the right to outfit the university’s varsity athletic teams.

*Will receive an annual allowance of adidas equipment, starting at $3.7 million in the current year, a big raise from the $2.2 million the university was owed before extending the deal.

*The cash and equipment allowances increase annually. The university will get nearly $1.6 million in cash and $5.5 million in equipment the final year of the deal.

UofL fans will continue to see adidas provide the basketball teams with a variety of different uniforms, including specially issued post-season outfits.  Additionally, beginning next football season, Louisville will have several different combinations and designs available to wear.  adidas has been expanding their inventory in the collegiate market, signing Arizona State to an eight-year deal and Miami to a 12-year contract.



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