Alcohol And The Money-making Myth At Louisville

Posted on Sep 25 2011 - 11:13am by Brent Lepping


Fans from the opposing side love to take highly uninformed shots at the Louisville fan base and say that the sole reason for Louisville’s annual dominance as the #1 most profitable basketball program in the country, is due to alcohol sales. It’s all about the beer. “If we sold beer we’d be #1.”

No you wouldn’t. Do your homework before coming at us with an uneducated half-ass slap in the face. It just makes you look bad.

I posted this a while back, but it’s worth revisiting. Kristi Dosh, who runs a website called The Business of College Sports which takes a unique look into the financial side of the NCAA and how universities make their money through athletics, has expounded numerous times about Louisville and how profitable they are in both football and basketball. You can read her first piece here detailing Louisville basketball as the 21st most profitable athletic program in the country. But, then she goes on to  shred apart the myth that Louisville makes its money solely on alcohol sales. She painstakingly details how the huge alumni donations and suites are the real force behind the fiscal success. She even talks about UK and their lack of suites which directly results in potential lost revenue.

To add on to this, Eric Crawford wrote an outstanding piece yesterday in his blog talking about potential alcohol sales if Louisville were to join the Big 12. While it remains unclear exactly how it would all work out, Crawford does a great job of listing current budgetary requirements and even breaks down the revenue streams which consist of parking, alumni donations, suite rentals, all in addition to alcohol sales.

Again, the next time you hear that asinine argument from the other side, know this: absolutely, yes, alcohol plays a part. But there’s much more at play and Louisville has just been smarter at utilizing what they have in front of them.

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