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Louisville fans, your voice has been heard.  We have received unbelievable feedback from our supporters and are ready to take this site to the next level.  The city is long overdue for a Louisville-only sports talk show and LSL is the solution to this problem.

Some things you should know about Louisville Sports Live:

The concept of LSL was created and realized by Ethan Moore and Brent Lepping. Tired of the same old radio information with no guests or conversation of real value, Brent and Ethan decided to start the website and begin podcasting a show that die hard fans would appreciate. After just a few short months of podcasting from a dingy basement, Louisville Sports Live moved to ESPN 680 here in Louisville (streaming on www.espnlouisville.com) and can be heard every Wednesday night from 6-8 pm. By incorporating local guests with recruiting knowledge, national guests with a different perspective, as well as bringing on current and former Cardinal players, LSL has created a show unmatched in the Louisville market.

The Crew

Brent Lepping  — Owner / Co-host / Writer  @BrentLepping

Ethan Moore — Owner / Co-host / Writer  @_EthanMoore

Nick Burch – Contributing Writer  @_NickBurch

Brian Meister – Contributing Writer @BrianMeister3

Chris Person – Contributing Writer  @ChrisLSL

Charlie Roth – Contributing Writer  @RothLSL

We do this thing so we can interact with our listeners.  If there’s someone you’d like us to track down, or you just have general questions or comments,  let us know.  Email us at louisvillesportslive@gmail.com, or send a message via Twitter @Lvillesprtslive.

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