A Quick Peek at Phil Steele’s Preview

Posted on May 27 2012 - 9:00am by Ethan Moore

This summer, LSL will be giving you a snapshot of all the pre-season magazines as soon as they hit the shelves.  First up is Phil Steele’s mammoth beast of a football preview; a must-have for any serious college football fan. It has all you could possibly want to know and more in this 344-page monster.  Here’s how Phil sees the Cards stacking up in the Big East (his power poll ranking are to the right of each team):

*Steele’s pre-season poll is based on where he thinks each team will finish at season’s end; only 40 teams are ranked

1. USF #34 in power poll; #20 in pre-season

2. LOUISVILLE #43 in power poll; #34 in pre-season

3. Rutgers #45 in power poll; #40 in pre-season

4. (tie) Pittsburgh #49

4. (tie) Cincinnati #70

6. UConn #62

7. Syracuse #84

8. Temple #94

Non-conference opponents: UNC #30, Southern Miss #61, FIU #82, UK #96….congrats Cayuts, Steele thinks even Temple is better than you.

Bowl Prediction:  Champs sports bowl.jpgChamps vs. Virginia Tech

Other Notes:

*He ranks UofL as his #6 surprise team

*Bridgewater, Benavides, Smith are on first team Big East; Bushell is second team; All 3 Browns-Dominique, Preston, and Daniel are on the third team along with Philon

*Only two position units rank in his Top 40 nationally; UofL’s QBs and WRs are rated #28.  Surprising, considering how talented UofL’s front seven is.

*He ranks UofL’s schedule strength #65.



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